Stuff Happens - It's what you do next that matters

Monday, March 28th, 2022 by Blair Paul

This week while at a repeat customers home in a high profile area of Lake Conroe we did some damage. 


On a couch removal we dinged the sheetrock and cracked it some while carrying the couch. 


Our Luggers immediately took the photos and let our office know about the mishap. 


Once we completed the job we spoke with the client who was a little agitated and rightfully so. Our goal was to 'Make this right' and essentially that is what we asked. "Mr. Doe - This is 100% on us and we want to know how best to make this right in your view. We can provide you with a discount today or on future appointments; we can have a repair crew come out and we're also receptive on your suggestion on how best to make it right"


Mr. Doe considered it for a moment and chose the discount on current services. We provided a generous discount and the client was still quite happy with the service. 


Today was a great training lesson in that stuff is going to happen, it's mathematical and we're human. It's what we do after the happening that really matters. 


Stuff Happens - It\'s what you do next that matters - Image 1

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