The Kitten Project

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021 by Blair Paul

Back in September we were called out to a special project. It was a yard cleanup with a couple of boats as well. Both boats were on trailers that hadn't been moved for several years. 

From the initial on site visit we promised to do our best to find a solution. After consulting with our lead driver he indicated a landfill wasn't far away. It turned out to be less than 1.5 miles and accessible without driving on any major thoroughfares. 

We bid the work and our estimate was accepted. The clients were wonderful people who due to some health concerns couldn't keep the yard in the state they wanted it. 

We arrived on location and began the project. First thing was the removal of boat; which we did straight away. Upon returning to site our lead lugger had found 4 kittens. (note: when we arrived on site that morning we'd seen a stray cat run away - the momma) I asked the clients if it was their litter and they indicated it was not. We put the kittens in a safe container and moved them to the side to complete the project. 

Fast forward that evening I was telling my wife about this and she immediately 'suggested' I return to site the next day to check. My mother in law was also in Houston so we all went to check on the kittens. By all I mean my mother in law, my 4 y/o and 5 y/o. Quite the adventure and the client was only glad to accept us back to check on the animals. 

We arrive on site and find no momma and only 2 kittens. Not being a cat person I'd brought food and water but in hindsight these creatures needed milk. No sign of momma and my 4 y/o son said he could hear a 'kitty talking'. We listened closer and sure enough I find another kitten in the high grass. 

A further call to my wife for consult and we agreed to take the kittens and keep them safe until we could find a rescue to take them. 

That night it rained to make Noah jealous and I returned to site the next day to find a flooded back yard and no sign of felines anywhere. (we believe we did the right thing removing the kittens and the rain confirmed it would have been a disastrous night for them)

So now what? We consulted with our dog rescue person (we also have 2 rescued dogs) and she put us onto a rescue cat person in PA who was absolutely amazing. 

After several weeks of bottle feedings every 4 hours we now today we have 3 healthy kittens who now have a home with us. We've emotionally bonded with them and the dogs love playing so we'll keep them until fate proves otherwise.   

Just a semi-quick story about it not always being about the junk!!!!


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